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When schools transitioned to online learning during COVID-19 and students around the world craved more social interaction, access to personalized help became more inequitable than ever. Student orchestras around the country were particularly hard hit, with most programs cancelling their seasons.

We believe in the transformative power and critical importance of music education. Every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument regardless of socioeconomic status, or racial or ethnic background.

When young people participate in instrumental music, they are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and they have better school attendance, higher confidence, and stronger writing skills.  Learning an instrument teaches discipline, focus, emotional expression, and collaboration.  Studies have shown that as little as one hour per week of structured musical practice is enough to see a change in the brain.


Our goal is to reach music students across the world connecting volunteers and learners with safe, equitable opportunities to learn, teach, and grow.

Why learn with us?







Why tutor with us?


Build confidence and develop connections in a relaxed online space

Your music mentor is a friend providing support and encouragement when you need it.

Reinforce your learning with new approaches and techniques

Get help on solo pieces or an orchestral excerpt.

Free Music Tutors
is a platform for free music education--where anyone, anywhere can receive live one-on-one music lessons, build their skills, and pay it forward by becoming a music tutor themselves.


Find support and make friends in a welcoming community of volunteers

Teach diverse learners from all over the world

Host sessions on your own schedule, in topics you know

Earn volunteer hours and gain real-world tutoring experience

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