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Which instruments do we offer tutoring in?

Sessions are currently offered for Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and Piano.

What do I do if I’m not in a U.S. time zone?

You can be a part of the FreeMusicTutors community wherever you are! When you’re signing up for sessions, the date and time are automatically converted to your time zone.

How long are sessions?

Sessions can range from 30-40 minutes, depending on the tutor’s preference. When signing up for a session, you will be able to select a time slot that works for you!

How many learners are in each session?

The sessions are currently one-on-one, and there are plans for group masterclasses in the future.

Do sessions cost anything?

No, all sessions are completely free of cost.

How do you ensure the sessions are safe?

Volunteer tutors are vetted and are all in good standing with their youth symphony orchestras.

Students and tutors agree to our code of conduct.

Details of session safety information can be found here.

Can I be tutored if I'm a beginner?

Due to the nature of online music tutoring and general instruction, Free Music Tutors is not meant to be a replacement for formal, private instruction. Technique and sound quality (especially for string instruments) are very important aspects of the beginning stages of learning an instrument, and can be quite easily lost through a medium like Zoom. Free Music Tutors aims to provide personalized help for students outside of a private lesson, in a more relaxed, peer-to-peer format. While this may be the case, we welcome students of all technical ability. We believe that anyone, anywhere should have access to a music tutor!


Who are the tutors on Free Music Tutors ?

Our tutors are volunteers who are committed to giving all kids access to the supplemental help they need.  All tutors are hand-picked through our application process and carefully monitored for quality and safety. All are members in good standing of their Youth Symphony Orchestras or University Ensembles.

How big of a time commitment is tutoring?

There is no obligation––tutor as much or as little as you are available. We strive to keep our system flexible so tutors with many different levels of experience can get involved at whatever capacity they can.

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