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A Virtual Volunteer Opportunity

That's Simple & Rewarding

Free Music Tutors is a free, online platform that connects students with live, volunteer coaches (that’s you!) any time they need it. Our volunteer experience was designed to be super-flexible because we believe it should be easy for awesome people like you to help students succeed. You can help students from anywhere with an internet connection.

4 Reasons You’ll Love Being a Music Coach at FreeMusicTutors

1. Work 1 - 1 With Students That Need You

You’ll work directly with motivated students who sometimes can’t afford private lessons and often don’t have anyone else they can turn to for help. 


2. Flexible & Convenient Scheduling

You have complete control over your schedule as a volunteer with FreeMusicTutors. Select your availability from a 24/7 calendar and update it as often as you want. We’ll text you if a student needs your help. 

3. Volunteer Experience

We have created FreeMusicTutors to provide an easy way for students to gain rewarding volunteer experiences.  A certificates of your volunteer service hours documents the work you do  for college applications and more!


4. Obvious Impact

Many students have experienced isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. Here is a direct way to connect and share the love of music with younger peers.  Be and experience Inspiration! Sign Me Up!

Commonly Asked Questions

I’ve never tutored before. Can I still be a coach? 

YES! You don't need any formal tutoring experience to be a coach at FreeMusicTutors. We’ll give you all the tools and training you’ll need to succeed. ​

I’m really busy. Can I still be a coach? 


My schedule is really unpredictable. Can I still be a coach?

YES! We don’t have “shifts” on FreeMusicTutors, which means you’re never required to pick up a request if you can’t. We'll text you about opportunities to help periodically, but you can also check the dashboard yourself whenever you have free time to see if any students are waiting for help!

I live outside the US. Can I still be a coach? 

YES! In fact, we really need your help to meet the demand for early morning and late night requests on our platform. We highly encourage you to sign up!

I’m a high school student. Can I still be a coach? 

YES! As long as you are 13+ and currently participating in your local school band or community orchestra, you are eligible to volunteer with us. 

Do I need any special equipment to communicate with students?  

All sessions are currently on Zoom, so any computer or phone is all you need!

Can I track my volunteer hours? 

We send active volunteers a monthly email summary of their hours.


Ready to Sign Up?

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