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Free Music Tutors is a platform for free music education--where anyone, anywhere can receive live one-on-one music lessons, build their skills, and pay it forward by becoming a music tutor themselves

Get Free Tutoring from Students Like You
Find help and reach your goals in a global community for virtual, peer-to-peer tutoring.









What is peer tutoring?

Peer tutoring consists of student partnerships, which means getting help from other students, like you. Our live sessions are 1 on 1, and are designed to complement a traditional classroom setting, offering students a safe, supportive environment.

What are the benefits of peer tutoring?

1  Confidence building

Unlike a traditional classroom environment where you might be one of many students in a room, peer to peer tutoring can offer a more relaxed, approachable space to find your voice, ask questions and build confidence.

2  Support community connections

Your coach is not just a tutor - they can be a mentor, collaborator, and friend.  Getting help from someone who can relate to what you’re going through can inspire you to reach your goals.

3  Become a teacher

The benefits are not just limited to the student. Being a tutor yourself is a fantastic way to boost your own learning journey; research shows that teaching what you know to others is a strong way to internalize and apply what you’ve learned!

Why become a peer tutor?


 Learn by teaching

Studies have shown that teaching others is one of the best ways you can reinforce and apply what you have learned. On the tutor side, peer to peer tutoring benefits you by providing a space to grow.

Give back through volunteering

Volunteer your time by hosting free sessions for other students who need help the most. Plus, track the work you do as volunteering and service hours for college applications and more!

Grow in a global community

As a tutor, you can join an international community of other volunteers spanning middle, high school, college, and beyond. Expand your horizons and challenge your assumptions all while nurturing a shared mission of connecting the world through learning.

How can I get free peer tutoring?

Sign up for an account on FreeMusicTutors and register for any available session on Zoom! Or, you can check out this video on how to get started. 

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